Motus Tape Elastic Cotton Kinesiology Tape - Beige (2-pack)

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Motus Tape Elastic Cotton Kinesiology Tape, Therapeutic Support, 20 units, 2 x 10 Inch Pre-Cut Strips, Beige (2-pack)

Motus Tape premium kinesiology tape was designed for athletes and people of all ages, size, and interests. From beginners to seasoned CrossFit veterans or anyone looking to recover from injury, this versatile tape provides the flexibility and support you need. We made things simple and cut down on waste with this package of pre-cut strips, so you can leave the scissors at home. Use the handy canister to bring your tape wherever your next adventure takes you! Whether at home, in the office, in the gym or braving the outdoors, Motus Tape travels easily.

Motus Tape is a blend of high quality cotton and spandex, so it moves with you and won’t restrict your range of motion. Don’t worry about breaking a sweat with this waterproof, breathable tape that takes a beating without peeling! Our hypoallergenic, latex-free formula is safe for use without irritation, however overstretching the tape can produce unwanted results. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through proper installation techniques.

Kinesiology tape supports your skin, which in turn supports the entire nervous system! Putting tape on skin and tissue aware of its timing, space, and location can create better body awareness of pain mitigation and postural dysfunction. Motus Tape is extremely adherent, as well as flexible. It has tremendous stretch capabilities in one direction, which will make the tape stiff AND flexible which is needed through motion. Our tape has a gentle lifting action that increases blood flow to aid healing and provides support to injured areas. We’ve included an insert that highlights various taping methods for common injuries along with general muscle support and performance techniques.

Your satisfaction is our main concern, so each product is backed by a lifetime guarantee. If you experience any issues, let us know and we’ll work to make it right.

  • Finally, a flexible and adhesive kinesiology tape that provides joint and muscle support without restricting your range of motion. Forget the scissors, our pre cut strips measure 10 x 2 inches to provide a wide range of taping applications.
  • Motus Tape can be worn by anyone; youth, adults and active elderly to provide support with training, exercise and rehabilitation. Helps reduce pain in joints; such as foot, ankle, knee, hip, back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers.
  • Latex free, water and sweat resistant adhesive is safe on skin yet durable enough to handle extreme workouts and training routines like CrossFit, P90x, Insanity and more. Won't peel easily like other athletic sports fitness tapes.
  • For the athlete that needs the extra edge in competition and training, Motus Tape can reduce painful hot spots at tendons and muscle, decrease swelling and speed the healing process. Excellent support for torn ACL, MCL or dislocated joints.
  • We deliver on the Motus Tape promise of customer commitment that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our product. If any issue arise, please contact us and well make it right! Check out our FREE taping guide for the latest instructions and techniques.