Motus Edge LIGHT Resistance Band

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Motus Edge LIGHT Resistance Band – CrosstFit, Assisted Pull-Up Band, Mobility, Rehab, Stretching - BLACK (26-54 lbs)

  • RESISTANCE LEVEL: The Black 26-54lbs light resistance band provides treatment for joint mobility, muscle extensibility and length, assists with body weight movement and increases strength. This product listing is for ONE resistance band: the light version (black color code). We recommend that you purchase all FIVE levels of resistance to vary your workout routine.
  • Our bands target from beginner to advanced for any exercise program. Purchase ALL 5 levels of resistance for more variation. RED Extra Light 18-36lbs, BLACK light 26-54lbs, PURPLE medium 40-80lbs, GREEN heavy 48-120lbs, BLUE extra heavy 62-176lbs.
  • FLEXIBLE: The Motus Edge light resistance band is suitable for CrosstFit, assisted pull-ups, mobility, rehab, stretching, yoga, athletic trainers, physical therapists, body workers, chiropractors, fitness professionals, occupational therapists and massage therapists.
  • Banded resistant programming is great for getting back to fitness as well as getting stronger. Our light resistance band works great for those practicing weight lifting, CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or mixed martial arts. 
  • The lighter weight band (black) is great for increasing shoulder and ankle mobility, core activity, and rehabbing certain areas, such as ankle, shoulder, back, and knee. Simply stow away in your gym bag, brief-case or luggage to have with you at all times!
  • Enjoy a life of movement and well being by also taking advantage of the Motus Edge Promise: excellent product quality, price and customer service, all backed up by our 30-Day return policy!

Watch our video instructions to highlight many areas to strengthen, assist, and aid in fitness programming.

Get comfortable with resistance band training with our extra light and light level bands and move to higher resistance bands with time. We recommend the light resistance band (color code - black) for rehab, beginner fitness routines, and increasing mobility. Check the provided chart to choose one of the colors that is right for you or oder the full set to combine multiple bands during your fitness sessions. 

Therapeutic massage, doctor visits and other tools can be expensive; using our mobility resistant bands are an opportune way to treat at a reasonable price!