Motus Edge HEAVY Resistance Band

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Motus Edge HEAVY Resistance Band – CrosstFit, Assisted Pull-Up Band, Mobility, Rehab, Stretching - GREEN (48-120 lbs) 

  • Featuring 1.8” in width, this premium heavy resistance band helps you with exercise assistance, as well as rehab and strengthening.
  • Our bands can be used by everyone, from beginner to advanced, for any exercise program. Purchase ALL 5 levels of resistance for more variation. RED Extra Light 18-36lbs, BLACK light 26-54lbs, PURPLE medium 40-80lbs, GREEN heavy 48-120lbs, BLUE extra heavy 62-176lbs.
  • If you have limited hip and/or shoulder joint range of motion, solve the problems with this resistance band to free up unwanted tension in your hip flexors and joint capsule. Mix the heavy band with lighter ones to ensure restoration of better hip and shoulder mobility.
  • Meeting and exceeding all your rehabilitation and fitness needs, the heavy resistance band addresses all people, no matter if they are beginners or seasoned professional athletes. Check out our guides for sizes and resistance levels to pick the best band for you!
  • Great for all type of workouts, a versatile piece of equipment for any home gym, the heavy resistance band offers a great way to provide pull up or dips assistance, as well as chest and glute training programs, besides joints and muscles treatments.
  • Our heavy resistance band comes with an unbeatable price, excellent quality and stellar customers reviews (4.7 on Amazon). We also back up the quality of the product with our Motus Edge Promise: our signature 30-Day warranty!

    Watch our video instructions to highlight many areas to strengthen, assist, and aid in fitness programming.

    We promise that you will never miss a work-out again if you start using our fitness resistance bands. Our bands are portable, lightweight, and easy to use. Carry them around and pull them out of your bag in a matter of minutes to perform your daily rehab or fitness session. We offer 5 levels of resistance that are easy to understand, thanks to the intuitive color code: RED Extra Light 18-36lbs, BLACK Light 26-54lbs, PURPLE Medium 40-80lbs, GREEN Heavy 48-120lbs, BLUE Extra Heavy 62-176lbs. 

    Motus Edge bands can provide treatment for your joints and muscles, help you increase strength, and assist with body weight. Resistance bands can be used in most fitness activities, including Pilates, Yoga, CrossFit, martial arts, and core training. Pair the heavy resistance bands with lighter bands to stretch, increase shoulder & ankle mobility, core activity, and rehab problem areas. Decrease those stubborn issues with the use of our heavy bands (green and blue) to free up unwanted tension in your hip flexors, joint capsule, and restoration of better hip and shoulder mobility, at a fraction of the cost!