Motus Edge "Extreme" Foam Roller, Great for Rehab, and Myofascial Release

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Lets think about why it’s necessary to roll out tissue. For years, we’ve been thinking using a foam roller was to massage muscles and fascia. While this is still the case, we NOW know that using a UNIQUE blend of triangular bumps spaced apart within fractions of each other is a great way to stimulate the nervous system. This is important because many times, your skin, its nervous system and the fascia below it are often inhibited or turned off. That means that your skin doesn’t really understand its relation to the outside world. That is a HUGE problem. It’s analogous to going blind! Your skin senses just as much information as your eyes and ears do. There are many times prior to training that using our foam roller and its multi triangular knobbies are needed to bring novel input back into areas of skin that just down feel information and sensation anymore. 

Our massage roller can targets tissues in hard to reach places. Because of its distinctive design, applying use for foot, skin, calves, hip flexors, glutes, low back, obliques, lats and so much more can increase your access to better tissue glide and nuero-sensory information. We feel that our roller is about the rest as it relates to increase tissue quality. Don’t forget, our patented triangular sensory knobs create information to areas that need more attention to skin, fascia, muscle and brain. It’s more than just muscles, guys.


WE USE TO THINK that muscles create tension and respond to forces in the body. Today, we can argue this notion and include why BRAIN CANDY for your tissues, such as rolling can elicit major neurological effects on the brain and enhance activation and movement. Rolling is a great way to relieve pain, but its more than that! Our sensory roller has a patented design of which each knobbie are millimeters apart to generate skin sensation to feed the brain and cue better positions. Also, attaining better skin and fascial glide can help with the rubber band effect of our body tissues. Muscles tend to be slower to fire and need a lot of oxygen. Fascia on the other hand is like the bodies rubber band. It stretches and then explodes. So, making tissues more slidey and glidey can aid in our work out effects for power, speed and responsiveness.





Treatment for release of soft tissues post work out.

Target trigger points, knots, and sore muscles with the MOTUS EDGE roller system. Be proactive with our foam-rolling program.   Great for calves, quads, low back, neck. Add into your morning or recovery routine.




Follow our per body tips for a 5 minutes self-myofascial release program.


Neck Technique:

  1. While lying on your back, place the roller underneath your neck
  2. Slowly, move your head side to side to involve all posterior neck tissue.
  3. Breathe while performing for 60 seconds. Five minutes max.


Lat technique:

  1. While lying on your side, place the roller underneath your armpit.
  2. Slowly, tilt your body from side to side
  3. The foam roller will be still as your body moves over the lat tissue for fascial release.
  4. Perform 5 sets for 60 second intervals.

Mid and Low back Technique:

  1. While lying on your back, sit up and place the foam roller under your mid back area.
  2. While lifting your hips up, roller back and forth on the roller to address your entire spine
  3. Perform 5 sets for 60-second intervals.

Hip Technique:

  1. While sitting on the foam roller on the floor, cross one leg over your knee as if you were sitting cross-legged in a chair. On the leg that is crossed over, roll that butt/hip area for 60 seconds
  2. Perform 5 sets for a total of 5 minutes.

Hip Flexor Technique:

  1. While lying on your stomach, place the roller at the level of your hip flexors. With foam roller pressure over your hip flexor and quadriceps area, roll for 60 seconds.
  2. Perform 5 sets for a total of 5 minutes on each leg.

Calf Technique:

  1. While sitting on the floor with legs out in front of you, place one calf over the foam roller and other leg over that leg. With pressure from your top leg, raise you butt off the ground and roll over calf area for 60 seconds.
  2. Perform 5 sets for a total of 5 minutes.


While many think foam rolling is purely for tissue relaxation and release, if you quick and fast oscillations rolling over specific body parts, those body parts will become more aware of their location in space and sense of awareness. This is great prior to exercise to excite muscles and get them prepared for ballistic movements!

That said, you can take our rolling programming and oscillate all body parts for no more than 10 seconds per area to help INCREASE and ACTIVE those tissues and muscles as you prepare for exercise.