Motus Edge EXTRA LIGHT Resistance Band

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Motus Edge EXTRA LIGHT Resistance Band – CrosstFit, Assisted Pull-Up Band, Mobility, Rehab, Stretching - RED (18-36 lbs).

  • This listing is for ONE resistance band: EXTRA LIGHT (Red). There are FIVE levels in all. View the imagery and description to see which is right for you. Help your pull ups, increase hip and shoulder mobility, and lengthen your hamstrings!
  • Our bands target from beginner to advanced for any exercise program. Purchase ALL 5 levels of resistance for more variation. RED Extra Light 18-36lbs, BLACK light 26-54lbs, PURPLE medium 40-80lbs, GREEN heavy 48-120lbs, BLUE extra heavy 62-176lbs.
  • Experts in the field using Motus Edge bands are athletic trainers, physical therapists, body workers, chiropractors, fitness professionals, Yogis, occupational therapists and massage therapists. Stow away in your gym bag, brief case, or luggage. Never miss a work out!
  • Motus Edge resistance bands are used for a plethora of programs; Crossfit, Yoga, Pilates, rehabilitation and more for increasing joint mobility, stretching, strengthening and assistance in many exercises! Backed by the Motus Edge 30-Day Warranty!
  • Motus Edge resistant bands for all your rehabilitation and fitness needs. 
    A multitude of uses from ACL rehab to strengthening your glutes! Banded resistant programming is great for getting back to fitness as well as getting stronger!

Watch our video instructions to highlight many areas to strengthen, assist, and aid in fitness programming.

Never miss a workout or rehab program with MOTUS EDGE premium resistance bands. With our portable bands, anyone can create their daily rehab/fitness needs. Motus Edge bands can be for the beginner, with easy tension as well as, for the fitness enthusiast that wants a lot of resistance! MOTUS EDGE bands can provide treatment for joint mobility, muscle extensibility and length, assists with body weight movement and can increase strength! Whether you lift weights, or do CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or mixed martial arts our levels of resistance are for every person. We have a color-coded system that is easy to understand, starting from RED Extra Light 18-36lbs, BLACK Light 26-54lbs, PURPLE Medium 40-80lbs, GREEN Heavy 48-120lbs, BLUE Extra Heavy 62-176lbs. Any of these bands can fit individual needs and group fitness needs. 

Our lighter weight bands (red and black) are great for increasing shoulder and ankle mobility, core activity, and rehabbing certain areas, such as ankle, shoulder, back, and knee. Our heavier bands (purple, green, blue) offer a great way to provide pull up or dips assistance, as well as chest and glute training programs. For those that want to learn pull ups and just don’t have the strength yet, use Motus Edge resistance bands to give you the help you need to get stronger! Check the provided chart to see which color is right for you, or combine multiple bands together for a more varied set of workouts.

Do you have limited hip and shoulder joint range of motion? Decrease those stubborn issues with the use of our heavy bands (green and blue) to free up unwanted tension in your hip flexors, joint capsule, and restoration of better hip and shoulder mobility! Therapeutic massage, doctor visits and other tools can be expensive; using our mobility resistant bands are an opportune way to treat at a reasonable price!