Motus Edge Cross Train Workout Starter Kit

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Motus Edge Cross Train Workout Starter Kit - Palm Grips, Wrist Wraps, Speed Jump Rope & Handy Carry Bag

  • This starter kit includes the essential tools to get you started in any fitness routine and other weight training at home or at the gym! Kit includes: one pair of palm grips, one pair of wrist wraps, one speed jump rope.
  • Perfect for beginners or seasoned athletes, this starter pack features one pair of palm grips that shield your palms from rigorous or rapid movements, prevent calluses, blisters and cracking.
  • The durable, lightweight jump rope with smooth, ball bearing rotation improves your double-unders or single jumps. Adjust the jump rope's length to your specific height using our included guide.
  • Our premium wrist wraps provide additional support and stability while absorbing excess moisture. They feature a convenient thumb loop and hook-and-loop closure for a secure fit, easy adjustments, and quick removal.

Besides the excellent price of this starter pack we back our kit with a 30-Day Warranty!

Check out the instructional video:

The MotusEdge Cross Train Workout starter kit includes the essential tools that every athlete or fitness enthusiast needs to complete various workout routines, such as CrossFit, P90X, core training, TRX, cross training, Insanity training, and more. Cross-fitting is a popular type of workout that builds strength through intense & challenging workout sessions. Every day, the workout challenges different parts of your functional strength and help you prepare your body to withstand physically intense situations. 

Wrist Wraps

Heavy exercises can strain the hands, especially if they are left unprotected. Our wrist wraps provide the added support you need to protect sensitive joins, improve your grip and performance. The Motus Edge wraps feature multi-layered fabric, reinforced stitching and are built to stand the test of time!

Palm Grips

The palm grips in our starter kit are made with premium-quality leather to shield your hands from the strain of hand training. We recommend using them for kettlebell training, powerlifting, knees to elbow & chest to bar exercises, muscle ups, bar routines, and high-rep WODs. Motus Edge promises impeccable performance and superior grip, reduced friction, as well as protection against blisters and calluses.  

Speed Rope

Increase your speed, stamina, and endurance by mastering the Speed Rope included in our starter kit. Our rope can be used in a wide range of training programs, including cardio, agility training, intervals, MMA, boxing, and regular fitness routines. Feel free to adjust the length of the cable to suite your height. Our speed rope can be used by men, women, and children of all heights and ages.