Motus Edge Adjustable Speed Rope Jump Rope - Fast Swivel Ball Bearing

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  • SPEED ROPE skipping for fast reaction time and improved quickness. The Motus Edge Speed Rope is specially designed for those that are committed to intense training and conditioning. It’s lightweight and extremely strong. Go fast, go hard!
  • QUICK ADUSTABLE CABLE. Quick and easy patented unique adjustable cable for all heights. No screws or bolts to mess with. Cables are easily adjusted and hidden in handles to preserve dangerous loose ends. No need for cable trimming.
  • FASTER DOUBLE unders! Make the transition to double unders with speed and accuracy. Make double unders a part of your normal game in Cross Fit. With your light weight speed rope, you’ll find your skill and speed increase.
  • GREAT GRIP with rotating handles. Our non-slip handles are lightly knurled for comfort yet strong grip. Fitted for an athlete that wants fast wrist action to create intense speed. Compete at the highest level. Break you PR with the MOTUS EDGE speed rope.
  • Lightweight aluminum handles with lightweight cable. Smooth frictionless rotations to improve drag and delay. Our speed rope is comes with its own carrying case and built to last. Take anywhere with you for travel or the gym.

crossfit jump rope speed rope adjustable for men and women


Jump ropes have been the go-to fitness tools for decades. A must for athletes, boxers, or weekend warriors, skipping rope is one of the most effective cardiovascular training techniques.


Ten minutes of skipping rope can produce roughly the same results as running an eight-minute mile. “It requires a lot of coordination and really works your cardiovascular system,” said Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, the women’s 2014 CrossFit Games winner.

The Motus Edge Premium Adjustable Speed Rope is designed to stand up to the most punishing athletic routines. It features a virtually friction-free, ball bearing rotation, lightweight aluminum, textured alloy handles, and heavy-duty cables that adjust to fit your optimum length.


The spring-loaded cable lock allows you to extend or retract your speed rope with the push of a finger. Perfect for sharing with friends and family or trying different workouts that require a longer or shorter speed rope.


There is a reason why the best boxers and MMA fighters in the world include jump rope exercises during training. In addition to being an efficient calorie burning tool, speed ropes also strengthen the muscles surrounding your feet giving you more support during strenuous athletic moves or just daily life.


A jump rope by nature travels well, but the Motus Edge Speed Rope comes with a handy carrying case to keep your rope protected and tangle-free in transit.


If you’re looking to perfect your double unders, you need a speed rope with ball bearings as they spin much faster than the cheaper beaded or “licorice-style” ropes.


Whether you’re a beginner or advanced athlete, the Motus Edge Speed Rope is perfect for all fitness levels. Skipping rope is also a low-impact activity that is soft on joints and bones, making this an ideal tool for all ages. Jumping rope is an excellent way to rehab an injury to the lower body or sensitive tissues of the leg.