Our Story

As avid sport enthusiasts, the Motus Edge Team is comprised of runners, mountain bikers and Cross Fitters, along with a research team of Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers and Strength Coaches. As most of us train together, we would continue to have small musculoskeletal ailments and tweaks, although we would never stop training. We knew that staying involved in daily movement was the best medicine, but we also wanted to treat our issues prior to working out. Hence, Motus Edge was formed and generated from passionate training guys!

As we get older, our team knows what works best for our bodies to maintain a status of strength, fitness, and recovery. We believe in our products and ask anyone who believes in themselves and their daily training programming to believe in us to compliment their movement lifestyle. As diehard movement culture fanatics, we want to bring a lifetime of movement to you through our products.