How To Apply Kinesiology Tape

Our Motus Tape premium cotton kinesiology tape is a great way to provide support to muscles and underlying tissue. Our tape may help with increased blood flow, decreased pain, and create a sense of support where the tape is laid down. Motus Edge can help you stay in the game. 

General Installation Steps

  • Skin Prep:  For best outcome, the skin must be free of oils, lotions or emollients.  It is best to wash skin area with soap and water and dry thoroughly before tape application.  
  • Remove Backing 
    • Start by tearing backing off tape two inches from the end.  
    • Rip the backing, as if ripping a piece of paper.  
    • Start with a small tear, then pull paper apart exposing the backing of the tape.  
  • Proper Tape Tension (don’t crank your tape!):  its best not to crank or over stretch tape as its applied to the skin.  Over stretching can cause skin irritability.   
  • Body Position:  Prior to applying tape to an area, place tension on skin.  For example, if applying tape to your thigh, flex your knee thoroughly, before applying tape to the thigh.  

General Application Process (apply anchor, lay tape as you spread and attach):  For long lasting results, lay 2-inch anchor piece down first and rub vigorously for 10 seconds.  Next, lightly tension middle of tape as you lay it down.  Two inches from the end, lay down the last anchor piece with NO tension.  Rub all tape vigorously for 10 seconds.

Watch the video to see proper application methods on specific areas of the body!


Looking for MORE specific knowledge of tape applications?

Check out our guide below!

Motus Edge Kinesiology Tape Application Guide

Motus Edge Kinesiology Tape Application Guide