Motus Edge Mini Exercise Resistance Bands

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Motus Edge Mini Exercise Resistance Bands - FULL Set of 5, Variable Strength Bands - Includes Handy Carry Bag

Our high quality urethane latex resistance bands are an excellent way to keep up with rehab, strength, flexibility or maintenance- even if you couldn’t get to the gym. With our five-color system, Motus Edge bands come in easy to recognize intensity levels.


  • A full five piece set of MOTUS EDGE mini bands complete with carrying bag! The extra light and light bands are great for beginners, while our medium, heavy and extra heavy exercise bands are targeted for intermediate to advanced strength training.
  • Experts in the field using Motus Edge mini bands are athletic trainers, physical therapists, body workers, chiropractors, and fitness professionals, Yogis, occupational therapists and massage therapists. Great for ACL, shoulder and ankle rehab!
  • Made of premium, layered urethane latex for long lasting durability. This five piece mini band set comes in an easy to carry bag and can be stowed away in your gym bag, brief case, or luggage for anytime use. Never miss a work out!
  • MOTUS EDGE mini bands are a great way to increase strength and tone for glutes, calves, shoulder rotator cuff and more! Enjoy multiple rehab stretches and workouts for key injuries or nagging pains. Check out our instructional guide and videos.
  • Whether you're looking to improve your flexibilty, increase strength, rehab from injury or maintain activity during pregnancy, we have designed several resistance band workouts just for YOU. Backed by the Motus Edge 30-Day guarantee!

Check out the instructional video:


Using the included carrying bag, our five-piece set travels well and can be used at home, office, physical therapy clinic or gym for your needs. Need more of a work out? Try monster walks or banded knee exercises to increase glute strength and awareness to control poor knee motion and decrease risk of knee injury. Add our bands to any yoga or gym class to ramp up your work out! Use our videos to create a dynamic warm up routine or in addition to a challenging fitness program. Also great for group training! Give the entire team a program to reduce ACL injury risk by strengthening and maintaining those hip and core muscles. From youth to adult, our mini bands are an excellent way to address your injury, strength and sports performance programming!

Muscles love activation! No need to go all the way to the gym for activating the most important muscles of the day. Core, glutes and postural muscles all can be awoken and trained with our 5 piece mini band set in the comfort of your space. Learn how to activate areas of need with our videos and guide on our web site. Well take you through the “how to’s” of best training methods for core activation and glute control, in addition to muscle activation techniques to increase postural awareness and overall strength. We live in a “poor posture” society; and the Motus Edge mini band set is a perfect complement to increasing better postural positions and awareness. Understand what muscles should be activated during all postural positions with the use of our guided videos from Motus Edge.