Motus Edge EXTRA HEAVY Resistance Band

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Motus Edge EXTRA HEAVY Resistance Band – CrossFit, Assisted Pull-Up Band, Mobility, Rehab, Stretching- BLUE (62-176 lbs)

  • The Motus Edge extra heavy resistance band for CrossFit, Assisted Pull-Up Band, Mobility, Rehab, and Stretching features 2.5” in width and 4.5 mm in thickness.
  • This extra heavy resistance band offers maximum durability, portability and flexibility to all fitness buffs and professional athletes, either in their homes or at the gym.
  • From ACL rehab to strengthening your glutes, the extra heavy blue resistance band is the training tool of choice for athletic trainers, physical therapists, body workers, chiropractors, fitness professionals, Yoga instructors, occupational therapists and massage therapists.
  • The extra heavy resistance band is your go-to fitness accessory if you want versatile resistance training for your entire body. It offers pull-ups and dips assistance, together with a wide range of rehabilitation exercises.
  • Featuring a stellar 4.7-star rating and unbeatable price, the extra heavy resistance band also comes with our Motus Edge Promise: excellent customer support and our signature 30-Days warranty!

    Check out our instructional videos that highlight many areas to strengthen, assist, and aid in fitness programming.

    Purchase one or more Motus Edge resistance bands and never miss a work-out. Our highly portable fitness accessories can help you perform daily rehab and fitness sessions. They are recommended to beginners, as well as professional athletes who want to get more out of their training. The Motus Edge resistance bands can help you increase joint mobility, strengthen your muscles, and release tension in the body. Regardless of the sport you practice, may it be Yoga, Pilates, Crossfit, core training, or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you will find a way to assist your training with our bands. 

    The color-coded system makes it easy for you to choose the right resistance for your next work-out: RED Extra Light 18-36lbs, BLACK Light 26-54lbs, PURPLE Medium 40-80lbs, GREEN Heavy 48-120lbs, BLUE Extra Heavy 62-176lbs. Any of these bands can fit individual needs and group fitness needs. The heavier bands, such as the Motus Edge EXTRA HEAVY resistance band can assist you with dips, pull-ups, chest, and glute training programs. Please check the chart provided to see what color is right for you. Better yet, purchase the full pack of resistance bands to alternate your workouts.