Resistance Bands

Resistance bands originated in the 20th century primarily for rehabilitation but have become widely used for strength training and general fitness. Motus Edge's 5-levels resistance bands provide treatments for joint mobility, muscle extensibility and length, assist with body weight movement and increase strength! We offer multiple levels of tension and resistance to all fitness and sports enthusiasts. You will love them no matter what sport you practice. You can choose from our wide variety of resistance bands, ranging as follows: RED Extra Light 18-36lbs, BLACK Light 26-54lbs, PURPLE Medium 40-80lbs, GREEN Heavy 48-120lbs, BLUE Extra Heavy 62-176lbs.

Motus Edge has created a family of resistance tools to help you stay fit anywhere you go! The Motus Edge Complete Workout Kit has everything you need for an endless combination of exercises. The Resistance Loop Kit is even more portable and lastly our High Intensity Pull-Up Bands round out the family of products to give you everything you need.. Our free workout videos and training guides make it easy for you to workout at your own pace at the gym, or in the comfort of your own home. Better yet, take the kit on the road when you travel!

Depending on your needs in training & rehabilitation or your level of expertise, you can choose the best resistance bands by checking the dedicated provided chart to see which color/tension is right for you. You can pick one Motus Edge resistance band or combine multiple bands together for a more varied set of workouts, it does not matter! We stand behind all our Resistance Products with a Lifetime Guarantee, a simple promise from us that lets you be your very best.