Premium-quality Compression Sleeves

Motus Edge compression sleeves are designed to add compression to areas that need support, increased blood flow, and create a sense of well being during long bouts of exercise. Our sleeves offer extreme 4-way compression and multi-panel construction. Through the years, compression sleeves or garments have been worn by people who stand for longer periods of time to help promote venous and lymphatic fluid return to the heart. Whether it’s your elbow, knee, ankle or calf, many areas of the body will benefit from compression. Moving blood back to the heart for re-circulation is an important part to maintaining a healthy fitness routine.

Motus Edge compression sleeves come with gentle fabrics and flat lock seams to reduce chafe and irritation. Never worry about compression sleeves coming off. Motus Edge uses double-silicon wave gel technology to keep the compression sleeves in place during the most rigorous runs or workouts. Our signature compression sleeves and systems help you recover, supporting the joints and decreasing congestion, being also suitable for athletes with injuries, while providing support for all sports activities. As blood stays in the extremities and is not pushed back to the heart, it does not oxygenate, and in turn we fatigue. This factor alone is a great reason to use Motus Edge. All our compression systems are backed up by the Motus Edge lifetime warranty!