What are the Top 3 Running Injuries and How to Treat Them?

What are the Top 3 Running Injuries and How to Treat Them?

As an avid runner, most know taking time off is not in the cards. Runners, love to run and that’s the answer! We too, don’t want to miss that workout. Understanding how to better your running body with care and prevention of typical running injuries can keep you in the game longer. Lets review some typical running injuries and how to treat and care for them.
Here are the top-5 running injures that are medical team sees on a daily basis.

Plantar fasciitis: This injury occurs to the bottom of the foot. There are many reasons why it occurs. Typically, the injury can stem from increased stress on the plantar fascia. This can be caused by many things, such as increasing your mileage abruptly, a change of footwear, and running on undulating surfaces. Whatever the cause, there are ways to treat and prevent this injury from occurring. Here is the Motus Edge way.
  1. Start by stretching your calves for at least 5 minutes prior to your run. Also, rolling on a golf ball or hard ball will massage and loosen up a restricted planate fascia before a run.
  2. Then, take Motus Edge Tape and apply the plantar fasciitis tape job just like the video shows on the website. This will create support and pain relief in the area, so you can continue your run and not miss a step!
Shin Splints: This injury is common in the running culture. It is really a tendinitis injury to tendons that flex the foot, which happens a lot during running! Here’s what to do!
  1. Always start by stretching your calves. Its important to get some length in your calves and flexors down there prior to running.
  2. Next, Use the Motus Edge mini band to do some warm up drills. Watch our video on how to perform calf exercises with mini bands. Then, apply Motus Edge tape for     Shin Splints to take the pressure off the injury site. This will create a good platform to continue your running regimen!

Achilles Tendinitis: Achilles Tendinitis is another overuse injury that happens a lot. Sometimes the Achilles tendon just doesn’t want to lengthen and gets mad! Then, pain occurs.

  1. So, what can you do? Again, a lot of stretching to start your day. The tendon needs movement.
  2. Then, Apply a Motus Tape Achilles tendon tape job to decrease the pain. Make sure you watch our application video and apply the tape at least 15 minutes before your run, so it sticks!

Patellar tendinitis: Knee pain is a primary driver of pain from many sports. Its been nicknamed “runners knee” in many textbooks and literature. While knee pain is the common complaint, a lot of the problems are being driven from the foot and the hip. With this in mind here are a few things you can do to help decrease the knee pain and also address the real issues related to the problem:

  1. The first thing you want to do is stabilize the foot with some Motus Tape just like you did with the plantar fascia tape. This way the tape will act as a foot stabilizer when running. This often helps a lot with knee pain.
  2. Also, use the Motus Edge heavy resistant bands to stretch the hip area (watch our    videos on hip range of motion with heavy resistant bands). Getting range of       motion and stretching out of the hip is super important for the knee.
  3. Lastly, use the Motus Edge mini bands to for hip strength (watch our videos for hip   strength). Do these hip strengthen exercises before you run to better engage your body before the actual exercise.

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