Increasing Your Poor Ankle Range of Motion With a Motus Edge Resistance Band

Increasing Your Poor Ankle Range of Motion With a Motus Edge Resistance Band

Motus Edge understands that the body works as a linkage system. Just like a bike chain on a bicycle, with many interdependent links, the body also has many movement parts, called joints. All these joints need to work interdependently of each other. They all require difference things. Some require mobility, while others require stability during motion or movement.  With this approach of moving parts, we introduce to you concepts of treatment to better guide what’s needed per joint to work efficiently.

This blog post is to discussion the poor ankle joint motion. Whether you have a previous injury to your ankle joint, or lack range of motion in general, this joint is commonly restricted during exercise. While the ankle feels like it moves well when walking, a true assessment of the ankle joint may show that its actually stuck and lacks needed range of motion for squatting and lunging. If this were the case, using Motus Edge Resistance Bands to help with mobility in the ankle would be appropriate. Following these steps and watching our video will give you what’s needed to help with more ankle range!


  1. With a medium size resistant band secured to a poll, step into the band with the ankle you want to mobilize.
  2. With both your hands, stretch the band out to a desired tension and place the band at ankle joint level.
  3. Now, kneel down in a lunge position and stabilize your balance.
  4. With the band pulling your ankle backward towards the poll, drive your knee over your toes and ankle to increase ankle mobility.
  5. Keep you balance, and perform this motion, for 1 minute
  6. Repeat as many times as necessary
  7. Re check you range of motion, it should feel great!


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