Coach Tina - Increasing Shoulder Range of Motion

Coach Tina - Increasing Shoulder Range of Motion

This week, Coach Tina shows off an easy movement for you to increase the range of motion in your shoulder using a Motus Edge Resistance Band. With 5 levels of resistance, we've designed a solution for all ages and fitness levels. You can choose any of the five different Motus Edge resistance bands levels to perform this exercise. Any of them will help you increase your shoulder range of motions, tone your body, and improve flexibility. Choose what's best for YOU!

How to do the exercise:

Try to extend your arm up. If you can't extend it all the way, to create a vertical line with your back and legs, then you will greatly benefit from the following exercise. Here's how you can improve range of motion in the shoulder: 

  • Secure the resistance band on the ceiling,
  • Stick your hand through the resistance band and grab it tightly,
  • Rotate your palm across the band, so that the thumb is up, and step back,
  • Drop your chest down and keep stepping to create more tension, 
  • Reach your leg back, until you create a straight line, 
  • Hold the position for a 45 to 60 seconds and repeat on the other side.

Recommendation: start with a light resistance band and move to the medium or heavy resistance bands as you increase your posture and fitness level.

Make sure you follow coach Tina's advice on body positioning and correct posture. Watch the video a few times to get the exercise right and always check your shoulder range of motion after a few reps to see how you do!

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