Coach Tina - Improving Hip Range of Motion

Coach Tina - Improving Hip Range of Motion

Coach Tina is back to help you improve the range of motion in your hips. gain strength in your legs, and tone your muscles with a simple exercise. This exercise can be done while standing. Here's how:

  • Stand-up straight and hold on to a pole or wall for balance,
  • Take the opposite hand, stretch it out, and make a tight fist, 
  • Hold your abdominals strong and prepare to lift your leg forward,
  • Flex the muscles of your leg as you move the leg to the side, rotating the hip,
  • Extend the leg to the back without leaning forward,
  • Bring the leg back down. 
  • Repeat 8 to 10 times on each side.

Check out the video to see exactly how you can execute this hip range of motion exercise correctly. 


  • Do not hurry. Focus on doing the exercise correctly and keep your muscles tight at all times. You will feel your muscles activating.
  • You can make the hip range of motion exercise harder by using a resistance band. Place it on your ankles to increase resistance. 

Stay tuned for more exercises with Coach Tina!

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