Coach Tina Helps Tackle Hip Pain to Improve Your Squat Technique

Coach Tina Helps Tackle Hip Pain to Improve Your Squat Technique

Dubbed the king of all exercises, the squat is known for its ability to build explosive hip strength and lower-body power. Athletes who focus on developing this power see significant improvements in other lower body exercises like running, box jumps, burpees, etc. Unfortunately, hip impingement, pinching and hip pain during squats is one of the most common dysfunctions that arises during the developmental process.

A restriction in joint mobility should be your first area to address. While squatting, a “pinching” sensation felt in the front of the hip when pulling your knee to your chest indicates possible impingement. Usually, these types of restrictions aren't resolved with conventional stretching and/or foam rolling, so it's best to address the hip joint directly using a "joint distraction" technique.

One of the easiest ways to improve joint restrictions on your own is to use a resistance band to guide mobility. The elastic material of these bands provides safe, steady, flexible support, while being strong enough to affect the tough joint-capsule of the hip and offer adequate distraction.

Here, Coach Tina shows off an easy movement for you to tackle hip pain using a Motus Edge Resistance Band, so you can get back to work on your squat! With 5 levels of resistance, we've designed a solution for all ages and fitness levels. Choose what's best for YOU!


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